Frequently asked questions to Tambora y Güira

Why isnīt the Top Songs Lists updated every week?
TyG is based in Atlanta, GA. Our friend Antoun has the courtesy of sending the list to us every week. Sometimes itīs impossible for him to send the list on time. Some other times it is impossible for us to update the page with the new information on time.

Why aren't the sound samples of better quality and longer?
The sound samples are in ".au" format. This is the most widely used format in the internet, supported by most browsers. It would take us more time to publish the list if we had to include the samples in more than one format simultaneously, and it would delay the publication of the list.
The samples are taken in 8bits, mono, 8khz. This is the sound format that uses less disk space per time unit.. This way we can include 10 to 15 seconds of a song in a 100-120 Kb file. At 14.4 Kbps, this takes about 1.5 minutes to download. We consider this to be a reasonable wait for a 15 second sample. If we posted a bigger file, probably a lot of our visitors wouldn't have the time or patience to wait. On the same token, we don't want to incur in copyright or distribution issues if we publish a longer portion of the songs.

I need information about this dominican instrument/musician.
What are the upcoming events/concerts in Dominican Republic?
I'm going to Dominican Rep. soon. What discotheques or places do you recommend?
I was in DR and I heard a song called "..." or that says "...", How can I get it?
TyG is based in Atlanta, GA. From outside DR is difficult to get information about the places or events of the moment. Nonetheless, we'll do our best to answer this questions.

I need sheet music to learn how to play a tambora/güira.
We are in the lookout to get this info that so many musicians outside DR ask for. Bare in mind that most of the dominican percusion artists learned "by ear", listening to dominican music since they were kids. This is one of the reasons for this information to be difficult to find.

Why TyG doesn't have information about Bachata music?
TyG is about all genres of dominican music, including Bachata. We would love to include more info about it. Bachata is a very popular and informal rythm that is relatively new. Therefore there's not a lot of literature about it. There are some record distributors, like Musical Productions and that publish information about the Bachata artists they represent.

I'd like to get some songs in MIDI format.
MIDI is equivalent to paper partitures. For obvious reasons the musicians that make arrangements don't make them public if they have it in that format (they would make any money). We stay alert for any source for this files to include them in TyG.

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