This week's top songs in D.R.

By Antoun

Last updated: September 30, 1997

This list is based on the hit parade lists published in different newspapers in the Dominican Republic. Sometimes this week's list may seem very different from last week's, this is probably because we are using different sources from one week to the other. Our goal is to update this list no later than Tuesday every week, please bare with us when we cannot meet this deadline. If you have any questions, please check our FAQ section.
  1. (--) ¿Qué te has creído? == Sergio Vargas
  2. (--) Quizás == Milly Quezada
  3. (--) Amor Narcótico == Chichí Peralta
  4. (--) Suero de Amor == Kinito Méndez
  5. (--) Como un Trueno == Los Ilegales
  6. (--) Tanto Amor == Sin Fronteras
  7. (--) Qué Pobre Soy == Zona Roja
  8. (--) Tá Cañón == Jossie Esteban
  9. (--) Loco Loco == Toño Rosario
  10. (--) Amor Prohibido == Eddie Herrera

**The number in parenthesis indicates the position occupied in the previous list.


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