What's New?

Oct-2-1999: We added the Tambora y Güira Chat Room. This will be a meeting center for all people interested in TyG topics. Come and sign up!
Sep-25-1999: The "look and feel" of the Tambora y Güira Links section has been modified to better match the overall TyG format.
Aug-22-1999: We added the Tambora y Güira Links section. Help us by adding all the links you know of!.
Jan-16-97: We added the Frequently Asked Questions section. It is intended to answer the most common observations and questions from our visitors.
Aug-06-96: The image in "Top Songs" is now animated. We'll animate other TyG graphics gradually.
Jul-29-96: We are not able to reply the following addresses:
  • lmtggt@aol.com
  • anonymous@genius.rider.edu
  • NY.13210.USA@freeside.scsd.k12.ny.us
Thanks for writing to us! Please do it again including your full e-mail address on the message body so we can reply!
Jul-29-96: We've added more references to our collection. We hope you find them useful. We'll be updating that section constantly.
Jul-29-96: Since we are not always able to answer all are visitors questions, we've created an Ads Section. Please check it out, maybe you can help!
Mar-27-96: José R. Veras has contributed with an article about afro-dominican rythms (In spanish).
Mar-27-96: This is another address that we had problems replying to: ptopta@shadow.mindspring.com
Jan-12-96: We received e-mail from the following addresses:
  • mdelac01@solix
  • teresa alba (alba9720@ecsels2c2)
  • VIDAL MANUEL (vida7408@cslabs1c2)
Thanks for writing to us! Please do it again including your full e-mail address on the message body so we can reply!
Jan-12-96: We added information about Ramón Báez on the Artists Profiles section courtesy of our e-friend Henry Batista. It's all english.
Oct-16-95: We reorganized TyG to ease navigation on it. We added a section of references about latin music and placed the "What's New?" section on a separate page.
Oct-14-95: Antoun and Sabrina got married yesterday! While they enjoy their honeymoon, Karen Albert will help us with the "Favorites" section. Cheers to the newlyweds!
Sep-17-95: Roderick Padilla has kindly given us disk space for our sound samples. We have started the process of moving the top songs samples to his server. This will not affect the http address of this page.
Sep-02-95: We have added some drawings by our friend Ares Deveaux to some sections as "Favorites" and "What's New?" as well as to the "welcome" logo.
Aug-22-95: Musical Productions Inc. has provided profiles and musical material of the artists they represent, among them are "La Banda Gorda" and "Oro Negro".

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